A School of the Yogic and Vedic Sciences

His Holiness Swami Kailashananda


Yama Niyama

Hatha Yoga Pranayama

Psychic Development Meditation

Yoga Diet Ayurveda

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga Therapy

Satsanga Special Courses

General Information:

To receive a degree in the above subjects requires a minimum of 2 years of study. Extra degrees in specialty classes may also be obtained but the core basics will be contained in 4 semesters over a 2 year span. There will be gaps between semesters sufficient for practice of the subjects, which results in digestion and assimilation of the material and its essence.

Yoga is an esoteric science. Its essence is what is important. Each semester will be a minimum of 720 hours. There will be leeway given in cases where students may need to work through difficulties in certain areas. One must understand this is not just a textbook environment. The application of techniques will be learned and practiced until successfully assimilated.

This is ultimately a science of Self-realization. Information and teachings will be taken directly from our Master and the lineage of truly enlightened teachers before him.

All the classes imparted will reflect the writings and knowledge of the genuine great and classical masters. This is not a cookie-cutter holistic certification course that may mislead one into thinking one knows something. It takes years of sitting at the feet of a great master to achieve his transmission of wisdom, assimilate it and be able to teach it. We, who were fortunate enough to study with our Master, America's longest lived yogi with nearly 60 years of teaching in the USA, feel obligated to share the knowledge and truth we have assimilated as his disciples.

Esoteric truth, the science of Yoga and Vedic scriptures dispel and destroy the sufferings of humanity, no matter one's station in life. Our goal is to rise above the mundane world of material existence and give it purpose by ridding ourselves of negative karmas and embracing the Divine Life. There are very few enlightened masters alive today and long distances between them. Most live inaccessible in the remote parts of the Himalayas in India. But great masters and their teachings never die and therefore this school acts as a springboard to establish a sound spiritual practice (Sadhana) until one's karma brings one face-to-face with one's Satguru.

There will be numerous textbooks to supplement the practice. They are included in the per semester cost of texts and instruction.


These are the moral and ethical laws of behavior (the what to do's), the etiquette of the Vedic scriptures. These precepts are the foundation of Yoga. There is no real Yoga without the observance of Yama and Niyama.


These are the behaviors that one must not engage or participate in - the laws of what not to do, all the pitfalls one must avoid. The observance of Yama and Niyama set the whole psychic and mental body of man, which in turn prepares the spirit to receive the teachings of Yoga in the proper light. In this manner one may proceed on the true path of Self-realization. As the Great Master Christ of Nazareth said, "Straight is the gate, and narrow is the way." Just as Christ foretold that "Many will come in my name but few shall be genuine.", so is the situation of Yoga today with nearly every soft-shoed salesman selling some shortcut to peace and enlightenment. There are no short cuts to the truth.

Hatha Yoga - The Dance of Lord Shiva:

Spiritually, Hatha Yoga is the formation of all forms - the manifestation of all God's creation. There are eight million four hundred thousand species of manifested life and a corresponding posture or asana designating each one. Hatha Yoga, the asanas, should be practiced in the light of devotional worship. Thus, finally when the posture is perfected, one achieves knowledge of that entity. Yoga postures or asanas in today's holistic yoga cults are so distorted and far from the truth that much damage has been done to many people. Even those groups who do follow more classical lines of practice are extolling Hatha Yoga not as worship but as fitness or anatomical aids. Excellent health is only one natural consequence of Hatha Yoga practice. To counteract the attachment to the gross physical body in this material age, our curriculum will not only teach the student the anatomical and medical benefits of postures but parallel them to the psychic and spiritual bodies as well, the three sheaths of man, so that the student will have an optimum view of the whole human being.


Pranayama is the rhythmical and mathematical control of the breath. Let us first look at the importance of the breath and prana, the life force. In the Christian Trinity we have Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Prana is the Holy Ghost, the kinetic movement of God on the material plane. In the Book of Acts, when the disciples and devotees of Christ were given the powers of the Holy Spirit, they came as a "great wind" and were "breathed into them". In the Vedic Trinity - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva - the prana is guided by Lord Shiva, the Creator and Destroyer of material form, the one who gives and takes life force into all life's forms. Prana guides oxygen in our body and blood, nourishes it with life and simultaneously eliminates the carbon dioxide and many subtle toxins in our body. We may not eat for days and keep functioning, even not drink for a day or two and still live, but two or three minutes without breath and we are history. Thus one's whole life force, accomplishment and health are ultimately tied into breath and prana. In this course, we teach the student many pranayamas to guide the life force in specific ways to heal and sustain a healthy life. Pranayama and its importance cannot be extolled enough.

Psychic Development:

Psychic Development is a specific course of Yoga techniques to use the higher mind to achieve your life's goals and successfully fulfill your destiny. Everything is created in thought form before it manifests into the material world. Therefore thoughts precede physical action. When mental projection techniques are employed through psychic development, we avoid wasting time in misguided actions due to the interference of the lower mind. Psychic Development is about using the higher mind (the metaphysical mind), honing and wielding it like a machete in the jungle to cut through the myriad problems of the lower mind and weak, uncreative thoughts, using the higher mind instead to manifest your thoughts. It allows us to fulfill our duties and responsibilities as well as achieve life's highest goals. Our Guru was the first to bring these techniques and teach this most useful course in the USA for the benefit of mankind. The main text for the course is also written by the Master.


Meditation also could be called concentration and meditation; concentration being known in Sanskrit as Dharana and meditation as Dyana. True meditation is the merging of higher consciousness with a physical thing or abstract concept, i.e., a virtue like gentleness, temperance, etc. Dharana is one-pointed concentration on an object to achieve that unity. One-pointed concentration is necessary in order to achieve meditation or unity. There are numerous levels of practice of concentration and meditation simply because man has three bodies, the physical, color and sound body, to be studied. It is only through a state of deep meditation that one can gain true knowledge of life and its mysteries or of anything for that matter. Modern science brings us many facts and figures but assigns no purpose or definition to our existence, one's duty of swadharma. It is quite obvious to any evolved individual that all manifestation has a purpose and is not haphazard. A solid foundation in meditation is absolutely necessary to realize one's higher self.

Yoga Diet and Nutrition:

This is a broad yet most important aspect of the Yoga path and training. Basically all food diets fall into 3 gunas: Sattwa, Raja and Tamas. Sattvic food, as you will learn, is pure and passive - spiritually sublime - and the type needed to follow the Yoga path succesfully. In the same manner that there is so much ignorance, nonsense and misinformation about Yoga and its true aspects in our society, there is even more misinformation about diet, nutrition and general eating. Among fad diets, nutritional supplements, standards of nutrition and daily food requirements, society is in total ignorance of what is healthy and what is not. This again is where our Master became the first of the great Yoga Masters to come to the West and disseminate the wonders of proper nutrition. His teachings have continued through some sincere devotees such as Paul C. Bragg (lineage Jack LaLane) and Anne Wigmore (The Art of Sprouting). All food carries a color body and an atomic vibration (sound body) wherein lies its innate nutrition. That innate energy is also greatly affected by the techniques used to prepare it. Our curriculum will include the western scientific standards in parallel with the yogic and metaphysical truths about all food categories and their general worth and benefits on the Yoga path. There are foods so spiritually charged that by their nature alone they can make you Self-realized. Nutrition and diet cannot be emphasized enough.

Another note: our upbringing and conditioning regarding food habits have lead us to realize that there need to be transitional diets that allow students to slowly adjust to a new regime. We will work with each person individually. Everything takes time and this is why our school has a much longer and broader time line to allow students to smoothly evolve to a new life plan.


Hydrothermal Bath Treatment - Swami Kailashananda in Attendance
Hydrothermal Bath Treatment - Swami Kailashananda in Attendance

Ayurveda is the book of the Vedic hymns strictly devoted to hygiene, health and nutrition as well as the healing arts from hydrotherapy, massage, gem stones, yantra, tantras, talismans and much more. Yoga diet and nutrition are basically part of Ayurveda but treated separately since eating is such a significant part of most people's lives. The curriculum will provide an overview of the breadth of Ayurvedic medicine as it is the first and foremost healing system brought into existence for humanity on Mother Earth. Other details will be included for different categories of the healing arts. However due to the fact that maladies are due to specific individual karmas, each person's healing techniques will vary. We can generalize and give a reference guide so that one may try different techniques according to particular needs. One must also understand that an individual's karma is based on astrology. The stars and planets are very powerful and our many lifetimes of actions have imprinted our karmas on the heavenly bodies which in turn have the duty to send those karmas back to us to be transacted later. Vedic astrology is a very deep subject which is not part of our curriculum, and which can take a lifetime to study. However, Yoga techniques and Ayurveda are full of ways to overcome our karmas, to break repeating cycles and syndromes and to rise above the influence of the stars and past karmas. As one can see, all these subjects are intertwined. The student will learn many ways to enhance health through astro-divine remedies to keep life at maximum charge. One must also understand that an individual's karma is based on astrology. The stars and planets are very powerful and our many lifetimes of actions have imprinted our karmas on the heavenly bodies which in turn have the duty to send those karmas back to us to be transacted later. Vedic astrology is a very deep subject which is not part of our curriculum, and which can take a lifetime to study. However, Yoga techniques and Ayurveda are full of ways to overcome our karmas, to break repeating cycles and syndromes and to rise above the influence of the stars and past karmas. As one can see, all these subjects are intertwined. The student will learn many ways to enhance health through astro-divine remedies to keep life at maximum charge.

Prenatal Course:

This course deals with the Divinity of child birthing - the reintroduction of souls and their new incarnated opportunity to re-manifest on planet earth to seek Self-realization. The course text is based on the works of the great Yoga Master, the late Sri Swami Satchidananda, founder of Integral Yoga Institute and direct disciple of India's highly revered guru, the late Swami Shivananda. Our Master worked closely with Swami Shivananda in creating Nature Cure Sanatoriums in North India and the Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy. Swami Satchidananda's text bears the name "The Mother is the Baby's First Guru". It emphasizes the immense swadharma or responsibility of becoming a parent and the absolute necessity to be as prepared and in shape as possible to accept that responsibility and caretaking role. Obviously the mother plays the most intricate and important role in the child's life for nearly the first ten years of her life. The prenatal course more specifically dwells on thorough preparation and practices for the expectant mother to be as fit and ready as possible, for a smooth birthing process and to provide the best care of the child after delivery.

Yoga Therapy:

Yoga therapy deals directly with conditions in students which need extra attention and even possible physical assistance, analogous to that given by an allopathic physical therapist. Yoga therapy may be divided into two categories; one dealing primarily with psychosomatic or mental disorders, the other with physical handicaps of an advanced degree. Yoga therapy is a superior way to deal with both categories simply because it goes beyond just physical or incidental causes and delves deeper into root, underlying or karmic causes. Once the karmic or root cause is tapped and accessed, then there is the chance for remedial solutions. Our curriculum covers both categories, including types and levels of such disorders and in a limited fashion, the basic techniques one may employ in certain situations of distress. However it must be pointed out that to be a successful therapist of advanced disorders takes years of deep practice and experience. One's own channel of healing must be open and one must have a sufficient charge of prana to successfully help those who have advanced disorders. Our course can only give you a direction to follow and demonstrate what it takes to help in the more serious disorders.


According to Vedic scriptures, Satsanga is the highest and most important Sadhana or yogic practice. All other practices lead to Satsanga. Satsanga is Bhakti, Karma and Kriya Yogas all rolled into one. It is a) blowing of the holy conch or ringing of the sacred gong; b) reading and hearing of the scriptures; c) chanting of the Lord's name - Japa Yoga; d) waving of lights - Aarti; e) concentration and meditation on the divine forms of the Lord; f) recitation of Guru mantra or other personal mantra if one does not have a SatGuru; g) surrender of the ego to the devotion of the Divine. Satsanga in our curriculum will be a daily event with Aarti and will slowly evolve into all its many facets. All puja and vrata are aspects of Satsanga and some basic techniques in these will also be taught.

Satsanga is the final facet and crown of prayer and takes one to the highest or deepest level of devotion to our Divine Creator or Creatress. It is the final key to unlock the door of Self-realization.

Special Courses:

Other short courses from the Master's archives of classes of nearly 60 years in the USA, will fall into this category. Swami Kailashananda gave courses in Raja Yoga, Kundalini Yoga I & II and advanced techniques in Psychic Development. Other parts of the curriculum include offerings the Master added on as extra boons for students.

Also available will be the opportunity to be initiated into the Master's own personal practice of Sandya Vandan, the purest form of Bhakti-Kriya. This is a very serious practice. Once initiated, one must practice daily and only break for short periods, as any prolonged absence from the practice would require re-initiation. This practice can bring one to the door of Self-realization.

As transliteration of even more notes are made available from the Master's classes of the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and 2000's, even more may be added to the curriculum. We too are still students of the Divine path sharing our life experiences with those who follow the glorious path of Sadhana, which will remain pure and unadulterated for those who truly wish to fulfill God's will - full consummation in Divine Love.